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kybun - The medical Swiss air cusion shoe to relieve pain

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Enjoy walking with the Swiss air-cushion shoe

Recommended usage for our products

kybun shoe

The soft air cushion supports joints and releases tension in the back and neck. kybun shoes provide comfortable shock absorption and are incredibly comfortable, even after hours of wear.
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Joya Shoe

AGR e. V. recommends Joya as a particularly back-friendly shoe. Certified & recommended by Association Forum Healthy Back – Better Living & Federal Association of German Back Schools.
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Seat Cushion

- Releases adhesions of the back fasciae
- Trains the pelvic floor muscles
- Relaxes pelvic muscle blocks
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kybun mat usage

- On the job
- Sport
- Home/school
--> Wherever you stand in one place for long periods of time!
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More tasks made easier with kybun

Be it in:
- Hospital
- Office
- School
- Retails sales
kybun is able to help..


    The best shoes I have ever worn. Have been using these shoes for 8 years now.

    Also use their foam for my standing desk. It’s the most comfortable setup for someone who has chronic pain in the heels. I hardly have any pain when using Kybun products.

    The products are priced on a higher side definitely but totally worth the price given the level of comfort. The shoes when worn daily last for 2-3 years but the degree of softness is priceless.
    Sudhir India Panda
    This shoes really save my life.

    My knee is so much in pain and after I found kybun, it has been so good for me that I can walk normally with so much less pain.

    By the way, my knee is scheduled for a knee replacement and now kybun has helped me to have a normal live without the operations. this is a real relief.
    Lim Siang Meng
    Yak Kingchuan
    My friend who has plantar fasciitis tried kybun and helped to relieved her pain.
    I shared with my sister who has same issue, she bought and also gave good feedback that it helped her and was full of praise on this magical shoe.

    Finally I made my trip from Indonesia to visit the shop.

    My daughter who has more severe plantar fasciitis issue, felt instant relieve of the pain. We both each bought a pair!
    Evelijne Dharmazi
    I've had many ankle injuries from my sports days, and also a tailbone and lower back injury. Now that I'm older, I'm starting to feel some problems creeping in - sitting too long is a problem, standing too long is a problem.

    I decided to get a Kybun mat and stand for long hours while working, and the results are fast and very remarkable! It homes in on our weak areas of the body and strengthens those muscles, correcting our posture and alleviating discomfort.

    I am sold on Kybun mats and would recommend it to everyone!
    Clarence Lee
    I have been a frequent buyer. its costly but worth it.

    Highly recommended for teachers and those who walk a lot...nice salespersons too...
    Khairiana Binte Zainal Abiden
    I worked in departmental store for many years. Due to my job i need to stand and walk for many hours. With my high arch feet, the condition worsen over the years and caused me to have knee and back pain.

    My colleague who has similar condition and pain, has benefited from kybun and recommended me to try. Indeed i feel my pain relived instantly and i bought my first kybun shoe 😃
    Sendy Chew
    I have knee pain and heel spur issue for many years. I have not been able to walk long and far for the longest time till I was introduce to try kybun.I was able  to walk with joy again!

    And it has been >4yrs and I only wear kybun shoe for almost all occasions. I not only owned than 15pairs of kybun shoes and I also bought many pairs for my friends and relatives when I hear that they have pain issues.

    I strongly recommend kybun to anyone to try. It may be expensive but it will be your best investment for yourself.
    Lee Chin Yong
    Recommended by a fellow healthcare colleague for those who stand for long hours - and it really helps!

    No more tired feet at the end of the day!
    June Ng
    I came to buy the cushion Kybun Mat for my son who is suffering from neuropathy in his feet and relearning to stand again. The texture of the mat will take away some pressure off his feet.

    I also bought a shoe for myself after my husband feedback that it has helped him. He walks comfortably with minimal pain from his plantar faciatis condition.
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